T&P Construcció Tèxtil: projectes d'arquitectura tèxtil i protecció solar  

TP Arquitectura y Construcción Textil 8-10 SL: Experience and dedication. 25 years of innovation in construction textiles.  

At TP Arquitectura y Construcción Textil, we have spent 30 years improving our facilities, updating our equipment and, above all, trying to find ways to give you the best product possible in terms of value, and striving to make it more functional, aesthetic, durable and reusable. Throughout this time we have been involved in the evolution in the calculating, design and construction systems in the industry, both for tensioned surfaces and for pneumatic structures.


In the beginning, the main process involved in producing structures was sewing, where today, we basically only use welding. From the conception of each project, the whole process has to be subjected to a computerised procedure that involves cutting all the elements needed, whether they are fabric or metal, to offer the utmost precision for the final result.

Currently, TP Arquitectura y Construcción Textil has the capacity to produce around 70,000 square meters every year. Furthermore, we now include the construction of the structural elements and metal parts, so that no detail is left to chance.